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Authors' Guidelines
Next Decade specializes in nonfiction books that simplify complex subjects.

*We are not interested in spiritual journeys, personal triumph or tragedy books, remarkable weight loss programs, parenting, children's books or anything resembling "new age".

We are interested in books in the following categories:
(a) Law-specifically legal topics for the "non lawyer"
(b) Personal finance
(c) Retirement/senior issues
(d) General health and women's health
(e) General education issues, (no interest in new methods of teaching reading, home schooling issues, or teaching kids with special needs)

Next Decade is currently accepting book-length manuscripts in the categories noted above. You are submitting to an organization that prides itself on professionalism. First impressions are very important to us.

How to Submit a Manuscript
Please send us a letter with the following information:
  • Your name and address
  • The title of the manuscript and a table of contents
  • A brief summary of the manuscript
  • A brief summary of your qualifications to write this book
  • Your sales pitch (why this book is worthy of being published) and who are your competitors
  • A short description of your target market
  • Promotion and publicity ideas
  • The approximate length of the manuscript (number of double spaced pages)
  • Names of experts who will supply prepublication endorsements
  • A SASE (stamped, self addressed #10 envelope)
We do not accept works on speculation.

Mail your submission to Next Decade, Inc., 39 Old Farmstead Road, Chester, NJ 07930-2732 or email us at info@nextdecade.com.

Our Terms
We use a standard author's contract that pays between 8 and 12% on net receipts. We do not pay advances and the royalties are paid out semi-annually after publication.

We are not a "subsidy publisher" or "vanity press". We can, however, assist you in your publishing projects. Please see information on Our Self Publishing Program.

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